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The Index finger of God has picked a Gospel STAR

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Leticia_HarsACCRA24.COM and GHANASKY.COM can confirm that, since the Genesis of time, no man or woman has been able to define the “KOMASI GOD” as He said to Moses “I am who I am”.

Because the churches started to Exodus-ing with Leviticus lifestyle in their Numbers until God Deutero-nomos them with His GRACE over the NOMOS. [Ko Ma Si  means Nobody Like….]

According to GHANASKY.COM analyst, as the season changes and transformation take place in the body of Christ, a mighty finger of ELOHIM has picked another unadulterated voice in Hamburg, Germany by the name Leticia Hars, with her new track titled

“Obeye Ninyinaa” featuring Nacy,  powered by OFM Computer World group of companies.

The Ghanaian Gospel iconic, Leticia Hars has undergone a spiritual metamorphosis.

It is an album you must get a copy,  because you will see the real iconic in her domain or arena of singing.

Leticia Hars,  a gospel artist, based in Hamburg, Germany has been called into the music industry to inspire, transform and to unmoor every vessel of God with Elohim’s legal emancipation GRACE in this eschatological age.





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