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Respect for each other is lost in the society

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Respect for each other is lost in the society
Respect for each other is lost in the society
Respect for each other is lost in the society

Some year ago, mutual respect for each other in the society was intact and so beautiful but for sometime now,only God can tell what is happening, both the youth and the elders have no respect for each other.

The older ones in the society are not setting any examples for the little ones to follow and the little ones have also lost their sense of value and respect for the older ones.

Some percentage of people are still respectful and so humble but comparing to some years back, it seems the society is loosing its values.

It is so sad  to see all kinds of insults, deformation of character, cyber bullying  on social media, television and on radio and even in our neighborhood.

where is the humility that was shown to our elders for example., getting up from the sit in train and the car for them to sit down when the sits were occupied, where is that empathy, that sympathy, that due respect?.

It is very sad that all these positive character towards each other is slowly departing from us.

Moral is no more a thing of  relevance to us, but mind you, we are all sinking in a common boat.

Let us rise and say no to disrespect in the society and the antidote is showing respect to someone no matter his age or standard of Living from today.





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