Leticia Hars

Queen Leticia also known as Queen Let in showbiz but in private life called Leticia kyerewaa Dampare, is a gospel musician, a music producer and a nurse.i am also an event organiser and a proud mother.i love Jesus and I am a Christian.

Silence they say is golden, just be quiet and hold your peace ,the Lord will fight for you.you cannot go around explaining to everybody that you are not guilty,the more you explain, your enemies misinterpretation you and turn your explanation to negativity.you have less friend,your family members are far from you,your own church members who must embrace you and redirect you even if you were wrong are rejecting you,Listen to me!!!!, If Life troubles are weighing you down ,that is the time to go on your knees in prayer,that is your victory. I HAVE TESTED AND TRIED IT,TRY IT TOO,IT WORKS.Be BLESSED.


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